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It’s kind of funny but this was the hardest page for me to write. Of all the things I should know a lot about, myself should be at the top of the list right? That’s not what made it hard though. The reason this page was hard is because I’m not sure what you would want to know about me. So, this is what I think is most important for you to know.

This is my site. I know what you’re thinking – obviously this is your site. That’s not what I mean though. I mean this is my site. I am not a company, nor am I backed by one. There is not some huge corporation who is paying me to post about their stuff. It’s just little old me sitting at my laptop in my dining room. I recently had business cards made and I think they sum it up, so I’d like to share with you what I put on them -

Wife, Mother of five, Christian, Chef (Le Cordon Bleu), loves to twirl, Opera Singer in the shower, Food Writer, Artist, Kisser of boo boos, Photographer (at least amateur), World Traveler, scared of spiders, Kitchen Ballerina in socks, lover of food, life and all things beautiful inside and out! I’d also like to add that I cry when I watch movies, commercials, and some game shows and that I secretly love tator tots :D!

Yeah, so that’s what’s on my card :D! I know it’s not what you generally get on a card, but I wanted mine to be more personal than just a web address. Oh, my web address is on there too though - of course!

If you would like to know how I ended up becoming a chef, I’d like to invite you to read My Story, it’s on the menu bar or you can just click the link. Being a Chef is something that I always wanted to do. Do you remember around 1st grade or so when your teacher had you write a paper entitled “What I Want to be When I Grow Up” ? I do. My paper came easy to me because ever since I can remember, I have wanted to be a chef! I know that not a lot of people get to live out their dream, and I’m very blessed because I did.

 I decided to put this site up for a couple of reasons. The first one is I have always loved to share my passion for food with others. I could sit and talk about food or wine all day! However, when I decided to stay at home with my newborn (at the time) daughter, that meant leaving the professional kitchen. This site has become my creative outlet so to speak. And second, much to my delight,  people are always asking me food questions-especially my family. What I think of this dish or that, how to make something etc…. Often I get to share my recipes or show someone how to make something one on one. Now I can share on a whole new level.  I plan on using this site to let you know what’s going on in my culinary world, which is no longer a restaurant kitchen, but my actual home and my life with my wonderful husband and 5 children. I always joke that I’m a chef on a very extended maternity leave! I will write reviews/blogs for you on restaurants  (from your local eatery to 5 star because I love them all), foods, recipes, gadgets, ingredients and whatever else comes to mind. There won’t be any bad one’s because I only want to write with love. I will also share my culinary creations from my home kitchen along with some of the recipes. The recipes you find on my site are my original recipes that I created – I hope you love them! You will also find several links and banners on my sight. They are put up by and approved by Google. Just so you know, I’m not selling anything. I do however get a small commission if you go through one of my links/banners. The money I raise on this site will go towards my children’s education and various other things.   So, now you know a little bit about me, and I would like to welcome you to my site and my kitchen!

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